Submit Texts

The Revista de Direito das Sociedades (RDS) is open to the submission of articles, recensions, annotations to case law, as well as short texts on new laws and legal literature.


 The texts are evaluated by the Revision Commission in accordance with the Publication Criteria disclosed in the website. 

The RDS is subject to a double-blind peer review process, which guarantees authors and arbitrators anonymity. The process will not be applied to short texts on new laws and legal literature - with a maximum extension of 2,000 words - to annotations to case law and recensions.

The conduct of the authors, arbitrators and members of the Revision Commission of the RDS is regulated by the corresponding Code of Ethics, in accordance with the core principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


The texts must be sent to the email address with the subject "Submission of text to the RDS".


Review and publication of submitted papers

  1. The papers deemed eligible for double blind peer review should be sent to the following email, with the subject "Submission of Paper for the RDS" 
  2. All contact between the Author and the RDS should be exclusively held through the aforementioned email address.
  3. The submitted papers are assessed by the Revision Commission in accordance with the Publication Criteria disclosed on the website in order to assess their formal and substantive adequacy.
  4. The Author is informed of the content of the preliminary decision by the Revision Commission, within 10 days from submission. Even if the preliminary decision is positive, it is not binding upon the Commission or the RDS.
  5. Following the preliminary assessment, the paper is sent, depending on its subject, to two qualified Arbitrators, with the utmost respect for the anonymity of the Author.
  6. The Arbitrators should return the Assessment Form within 45 days of the paper's distribution.
  7. The Author is informed, by the Revision Commission, of the content of the decision:(i)recommended for publication with no reservations; (ii) recommended for publication with reservations; or (iii) not recommended for publication.
  8. In case the paper isrecommended for publication with reservations,the Author has 30 days to amend the paper accordingly.
  9. The Revision Commission assesses whether the assessments suffice.
  10. In case the paper isrecommended without reservations, the Author will have 10 days to proof-read and send a final draft.